January – April 2014 Dividends (Baby Steps)

My initial dividend returns are not very impressive but I’m just starting out and expect this to increase over time.  Here’s what I received in dividends during the first 4 months of 2014. 

DIS 0.12
HAS 0.08
SBUX 0.03
MSFT 0.15
NKE 0.03

This is a GRAND TOTAL of $0.41.  This is measly but it is only a start.  I’m looking forward to watching this grow.

Happy investing!

2 thoughts on “January – April 2014 Dividends (Baby Steps)

  1. We all gotta start somewhere Dear Dividend. I tell the story all the time over at my blog and when commenting that the first month I ever received any dividends after starting dividend growth investing I received a grand total of 2.31 in income. It’s easy to get discouraged seeing such small numbers but they’ll grow steadily, with regular contributions. Using Loyal3 to slowly build up positions will only make it easier.

    Best of luck,


    • It is a slow start but I’m expecting better results just in the month of June alone. I threw more money in my Roth and a little more into LOYAL3 recently and there should be some payouts coming in June. Ideally, I’d like to max my Roth then just throw what I can into LOYAL3 but I love being able to drop a small amount of change into LOYAL3 without any fees whenever I have the urge.

      Thanks for the comments and I appreciate your inspiring blog.



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