To Begin

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”
– Warren Buffet

I found this quote by Warren Buffet to be a fitting way to start my dividend journey.  Recently, I’ve become deeply interested in dividend stocks and ETFs.  I wish I would’ve had this craving years ago but it is better to start late than never.  I envy people with the vision to start investing at an early age.  I didn’t have that vision and that can’t be reversed.  My goal now is to create a decent dividend cash flow for the future and to instill investing habits into my children and eventually my grandchildren.

I am not an investing expert but a “regular” person if there is such a thing.  Please follow me, encourage me and exchange ideas with me on this journey.  I’d like to wrap this post up by saying “Welcome” and “Thank you” for stopping by.

Happy investing!

2 thoughts on “To Begin

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