Top Dividend Yielding Stocks on LOYAL3 (part 4) – “Child’s Play”

Moving on with the LOYAL3 stock picks, I’m resorting to some help from a trusted financial expert.  Well, not really a financial expert but an expert in toys.  My current list of LOYAL3 stocks is down to 6 potential picks and 2 of those are toy/game companies.  I want my final list to have a little diversification so either MAT or HAS has to go.  Both companies seem to have respectable, dividend-paying stocks.  I’m pulling in my son, an expert in toys/games, to help me make this difficult decision.  Logo recognition is huge in the commercial world so I let my son pick which company he’d like to own by showing him a list of companies’ logos from LOYAL3’s website.  He looked at the list thoughtfully and ultimately chose Hasbro over Mattel.  Sorry Mattel, but you and your awesome 3.93% dividend yield have to go.

So, how did my son do with picking Hasbro?  Is he a Warren Buffet in the making?  Or has Hasbro’s marketing seeped into his brain better than Mattel’s?  Let’s take a look at HAS:

– 7 stock splits since 1977

– Since 1977 they’ve paid dividends every year except 1980

– Current yield is just above 3%

– 10-yr growth of approximately 204%

– 20-yr growth of approximately 259%

– 30-yr growth of approximately 2425%

Overall, a very solid stock over the last 30 years.


My list now has 5 stocks left: UL, HAS, MCD, TGT, KO.  Honestly, I could probably randomly pick any 2 of these remaining stocks and do well in the long-term.

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