Top Dividend Yielding Stocks on LOYAL3 (part 5 – FINAL)

I’m down to 5 stocks in my search for long-term, LOYAL3 investments.  It is getting really difficult to eliminate any of the remaining companies but I really want to focus on 2 companies for now and move up to 4 or so later.  Eventually, I could invest in more companies but for now I’m keeping it narrowly focused.  Out of the list of UL, HAS, MCD, TGT, and KO there is one clear winner in my mind based on dividend yield and historical growth.  That would be MCD.

So I now have 1 of my top 2 LOYAL3 stocks picked.  MCD stood out above the rest but selecting 1 more out of the remaining 4 isn’t as easy.  To make it a little easier, I’m taking KO and TGT off of the list.  While both have been solid over 20 and 30 year periods, their growth over the last 10 years is much lower than the other stocks on the list.  Also, KO and TGT have the lowest dividend yield of the remaining 5 stocks.

This narrows the list down to MCD, HAS, and UL.  Based on performance and my son’s intuition, I’m picking HAS over UL.  Maybe someday he’ll be a millionaire by picking Hasbro’s stock as a kid.

So, there you have it.  My current top 2 long-term picks on LOYAL3 are going to be McDonald’s and Hasbro.

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