Intelligent Investing


My interest in investing has led me to online research of the likes of Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, and Benjamin Graham.  Graham’s book, The Intelligent Investor, is commonly referenced as one of Buffett’s most recommended investing books.  I haven’t read the book yet but started listening to some of it in audio format.  I don’t think it has any silver bullets in it but it appears to provide some sound principles for the defensive investor.

Being a new investor, I found the concept of value investing interesting.  After hearing about the idea, it seems like an obvious approach but it isn’t something I had really put much thought into before listening to a few chapters of The Intelligent Investor.  While I don’t know how to evaluate the price of stock which is a talent Buffett has become famous for, I like the idea of buying good stocks but only at a good price.  This has piqued my interest even more which means I have still have a lot to learn.

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