Opened New Roth IRA at OptionsHouse


I opened a new Roth IRA account with OptionsHouse today because I want to reduce my trade costs.  OptionsHouse charges $4.75 per trade versus almost $9 at my other financial institution.  Once my initial funds move into my OH account and I execute a stock purchase, I’ll follow up with a review.  I hope it works out because the $4.75 commission is hard to beat.

5 thoughts on “Opened New Roth IRA at OptionsHouse

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    • It seems like fees keep getting lower to the point where they’re almost negligible. I made my first purchase at OptionsHouse ($4.75) last week and so far it seems decent for the price. I intend on writing a review once I have some more time dealing with OH.

      Best Regards,
      Dear Dividend


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