Pop the champagne! I was able to “Get a Job”!


History is chock full of barbarous forms of torture such as the “Brazen Bull” of Ancient Greece, the “Iron Maiden” of the Ming Dynasty, and playing Christina Aguilera’s “Dirrty” during terrorist interrogations. Somewhere on this list, history should hold a place for the torture technique known as “The Job Hunt”. However, today is not the day where I’ll relive the horrors of tediously filling out online job applications and coming up with my three greatest weaknesses for job interviews. I will save that for another day.

For now, let’s celebrate. Dear Dividend has finally found a new J-O-B. Not only did I find a new job, I took a pay cut along with it. Why would I do such a thing you may ask. Because during an interview my future employer uttered verbal gold…”work-life balance”. Once I start my new job in a few weeks I’ll have more time with my family and actually be able to see them every day. Currently, I spend months away from my family but that is also a story for another day.

Taking a cut in pay will hinder my investing progress but some things in life don’t have a price. Spending time with those you love can never be replaced or bought. Listening to my kids tell me a joke that makes me bust out in laughter is worth more to me than any stock portfolio I could ever build. I also realize that someday my kids will be adults with their own lives and I’ll have a lesser role in their life than I do now. So I need to cherish every moment before it’s gone.

Without further ado, take a few minutes to step back in time and jam to an oldie but a goodie…”Get a Job” by the Silhouettes.