DD’s July 2014 Dividends – Personal Record!


For those of you keeping score, you might have noticed that I haven’t posted my monthly dividend returns since May. The reason for this is because June’s returns were lower than May’s and didn’t deserve a post in my opinion. But now I have some good news to share once again with July’s dividends. I hit a personal record for monthly dividends with ($11.91). This is more than all of my dividends combined from January through June. Most of the heavy lifting was done by a boost to MORL’s dividend this month and the decent, steady yield of KRFT.  While I’m nowhere near retiring on $11 a month, it feels good to see a new personal best.

Here’s a breakdown of my July dividends:


– PEP = $0.07

– KO = $0.23

– NKE = $0.03



– MORL = $5.80

– KRFT = $5.78


Grand total for July = $11.91


Although I’m pleased to see my dividend income growing, I’m far from satisfied. I’m looking forward to reporting my next dividend record. Thanks for stopping by.