Kraft (KRFT) at Loyal3 and August Dividends

For those of you using Loyal3, you may be happy to hear that they’ve added Kraft Foods (KRFT) as an available stock.  I like KRFT so it is nice to see Loyal3 is making an effort to add some additional appealing companies.


My August dividends are in and they came in at $9.45.  This is down from July but I’m expecting a decent September which I’ll gladly post about.  Also, I’m about ready to complete my Roth IRA purchases for 2014.  This will meet one of my goals so I’m excited to achieve it soon.  I’m thinking of adding XOM and CVX to my portfolio to complete my 2014 Roth contributions.


I hope you are all doing well with your investing and life in general.  Thanks for stopping by!