Kraft (KRFT) at Loyal3 and August Dividends

For those of you using Loyal3, you may be happy to hear that they’ve added Kraft Foods (KRFT) as an available stock.  I like KRFT so it is nice to see Loyal3 is making an effort to add some additional appealing companies.


My August dividends are in and they came in at $9.45.  This is down from July but I’m expecting a decent September which I’ll gladly post about.  Also, I’m about ready to complete my Roth IRA purchases for 2014.  This will meet one of my goals so I’m excited to achieve it soon.  I’m thinking of adding XOM and CVX to my portfolio to complete my 2014 Roth contributions.


I hope you are all doing well with your investing and life in general.  Thanks for stopping by!




9 thoughts on “Kraft (KRFT) at Loyal3 and August Dividends

  1. Thanks for sharing your recent dividend income with us and potential ROTH investments. KRFT is one of my long time holdings since 2007. I have both KRFT and MDLZ now after the spin off that happened a little while back. Though I have no energy in my portfolio XOM and CVX should continue to provide you with growth and dividend income for the foreseeable future. Look forward to your September dividend income update. It’s a month every DGI loves.


    • KRFT has a good dividend yield and strong product line. I’m happy to see Loyal3 providing another option for investing in KRFT. CVX and XOM are both great companies in my opinion so I might just grab both.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Deardividend,
    Congrats on being close to completely funding your Roth. I have Traditional IRA and typically fund them the following year when I do my taxes. But this year, I partially funded my 2014 in August itself and that’s what funded my recent purchases (GSK and BP).
    KRFT looks to be a good one and I plan to initiate a position sometime soon.
    I own positions in CVX and also just acquired BP. XOM is also a great company to be invested in, though I preferred CVX over XOM and hence initiated CVX sometime earlier this year.


    • I’d like to add an oil company and like both CVX and XOM. CVX has a better dividend yield and XOM has one of the best histories when it comes to dividend payouts. I figure I just might add both instead of having to choose one over the other.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Hey DD,

    Glad to see things are going well on the investing front! I was actually just writing about Loyal3 and was going to reference back to you as one of the places I have heard about it. I am looking at setting up a few monthly purchases and KRFT will be one of them!


      • Hey Dear Dividend,

        I just found another reason to like Loyal3. If you have automatic purchases and cash from a dividend, they will reduce the automatic amount and automatically reinvest your dividend into your next purchase. It is kinda cool!


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