September Dividends – Another Record

 I know I’m behind on my blog but I’m determined to keep recording my progress. My funds available for investing are limited with the cut in pay I took with the new job but I’m still chipping away at dividend investing. In September, I reached a new record of $13.96 and October is shaping up to be another personal record as well…more to follow. Here is the breakdown of my September dividends:



INTC      $0.09

WMT     $0.19

UL          $0.34

MSFT     $0.29

K             $0.80

MCD      $2.19



K             $3.92

MORL    $0.47

MCD      $5.67

12 thoughts on “September Dividends – Another Record

  1. From dividend pennies dollar are born. Keep doing what you are doing and be amazed at your year over year growth. Happy to see quite a few similar names on your list and mine. I just added UL last month and may consider adding more before October is over and average down. Thanks for sharing.


    • K is doing a great job of ending underperforming product lines and starting new ones. Decent dividend growth, high earnings per share, low payout rate and PE. Great long term investment.


      • K came onto my radar for a few reasons: low P/E, large product line, and decent dividend yield. I don’t think I’m smart enough to time the market or a particular stock and I can’t see the future so some of my decision process is gut feeling. I feel comfortable with K long-term.


    • Thanks! My investing has slowed down with the new job (less pay) but I’m still plugging away. I’m also trying to stash some cash before 2015 so I can start working on my maxing my Roth in 2015.


      • Not a problem. Hey as long as you’re still plugging away, that’s all that matters. I need to start saving up for my 2015 Roth contribution here soon as well. Just kind of difficult to save up cash like that when there’s plenty of good stocks selling at attractive valuations I’d like to buy!


  2. Good Luck and keep on keeping on! I too am a dividend investor hoping one day to be financially free and living off my dividends 🙂 It is great to see a fellow Dividend Investor Posting a Blog for incouragement!


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