October 2014 Dividends – New Record

I’m happy to write that I surpassed last month’s personal dividend record with my October returns.  In October I received $17.85 in dividends.  I hope to see dividends in the $20’s soon but that might not happen until 2015 at my current rate.  That said, here is October’s breakdown:


– PM = $5.00

– MORL = $6.27

– KRFT = $6.10


– PEP = $0.15

– KO = $0.30

– NKE = $0.03

On a side note, it appears that KRFT automatically reinvests dividends at Loyal3.  Since Loyal3 is delayed with its dividends, my Loyal3 KRFT dividends showed up in November.  Most dividends at Loyal3 aren’t automatically reinvested so I was surprised to see it happen with KRFT.

Good luck to you all with your investing and thanks for stopping by!