2014 Review with November and December Dividends


2014 is over so it is time to take a look at my first (partial) year of dividend investing.  Before I jump into my 2014 totals, I’d like to point out my November and December returns.  In November, I received $15.74 in dividends.  November didn’t set any personal bests but December did.  In December, I received $26.00 in dividends which surpassed my previous best month of $17.85 in October.

Here is a table of my December dividends:


Date Symbol Dividend Date Symbol Dividend
12/2/2014 SBUX $0.04 12/15/2014 K $3.95
12/3/2014 INTC $0.09 12/22/2014 MORL $0.88
12/17/2014 MCD $2.94 12/10/2014 CVX $5.35
12/17/2014 K $0.80 12/10/2014 XOM $4.83
12/15/2014 MSFT $0.32 12/15/2014 MCD $6.00
12/12/2014 UL $0.50
12/17/2014 KO $0.30
SUB $4.99 SUB $21.01
TOTAL $26.00


Next up, let’s take a look at my overall 2014 dividends by month.


Month 2014 Dividends
Jan $0.12
Feb $0.11
Mar $0.15
Apr $0.03
May $1.01
Jun $0.76
Jul $11.91
Aug $9.45
Sep $13.96
Oct $17.85
Nov $15.74
Dec $26.00
TOTAL $97.09

In 2014 I came close to reaching $100 for the year.  I really didn’t start dividend investing until around May in 2014 so it took a while for the dividends to start coming in.  I plan on seeing an increase this year and look forward to 2015.  If my projections are right, I should pass $200 in annual dividends in 2015 even if I don’t invest another penny.  However, I do plan on investing more so $200 should be easy to beat.  Once I make some more purchases, I hope to see a few months of over $30 in dividends.

For 2015, I’m already gearing up to purchase more stock for my Roth IRA using OptionsHouse.  I’m currently leaning towards picking up RDS.B, more CVX, and possibly GIS this month.  I have more research to do however but should hopefully be making some buys in a week or so.

I hope you all have a successful 2015 and thanks for stopping by.

14 thoughts on “2014 Review with November and December Dividends

  1. You have already planted your dividend seeds in 2014. Continue on your path and be amazed at your year over year dividend income growth. Here’s to a strong dividend 2015. Look forward to following your progress.


    • I just made some purchases in my Roth for 2015 to include CVX, RDS.B, and COP. I’ll write more about these in my next update but I’m looking forward to the dividend boost they’ll provide. Thanks for the encouragement!


  2. Pretty cool how just a little bit here and a little bit there adds up to some real cash in the bank. If you look at your Loyal3 dividends, they might seem small, but given a bit more time and capital, you’ll be able to make $10 purchases just from the monthly income generated in the account. From there it will only accelerate. Wishing you the best in 2015, I’m happy to be sharing in the journey with you.


    • I really like Loyal3 and how it opens up investing without needing to make large purchases. I’m looking forward to the point where the Loyal3 dividends hit $10 per month and the account can feed itself.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Those are some great companies in your portfolio. Im sure those dividends will continue to rise over the years. Congrats on the start of your journey to financial independence.

    best wishes in 2015.


  4. That’s a great progression from few cents in January to $26.00 in December. I also started focusing on dividend stocks early in 2014 and looking back at the year, it is really wonderful to see the progress and the foundation that has been laid for the years ahead.
    Congrats on a great year and wish you all the very best for 2015 and beyond.


    • It is great to see progress and even better to look forward to more growth. I’m glad I caught the dividend bug last year. I wish I caught on sooner but better late than never.

      Good luck to you as well and thanks for stopping by.


  5. Hey Dear Dividend,

    It’s very nice to see even small portfolios like ours, are paying off!
    This money invested would be nearly dead money (~1% interest in my case) if kept on the bank.
    Instead we invested it and it is working for us!

    Keep up the good work.
    Up to an even better 2015 🙂

    Best wishes. DfS


  6. Well done on getting nearly $100. I also started dividend investing in 2014 (having only slightly dabbled with it before). I also achieved a similar amount in £ to you. I am really looking forward to receiving my dividends for 2015 already, and I hope that the companies I invested in will raise their dividends nicely above inflation 🙂

    Best Wishes in your dividend journey!



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