January 2015 Dividends

It is hard to believe that the first month of 2015 is already in the rear view mirror.  Life has been moving so fast lately that I wish I could slow it down some times.  Between work and keeping up with my kids’ activities, my weeks go by in a flash.  So now I’m awake on an early Saturday morning while the rest of my family continues to sleep in.  About the only time I can find to update the blog is early morning on a weekend while everyone in my house is sleeping.  It is peaceful and quiet right now so let me get my January update to you.

I started the year by adding some stocks to my Roth IRA.  With some dips in oil stock prices, I grabbed some RDS.B, COP, and more CVX.  I was originally leaning to just adding more to my existing CVX and XOM holdings but decided to spread out my purchases among multiple energy companies.  I guess it is a little bit like diversification within one sector.  All are decent dividend payers currently and hopefully will be for years to come.

My January 2015 dividend returns are in and while it wasn’t a personal best, it is my second highest month of returns since I jumped into dividend investing last year.  My returns for January add up to $19.43.

Here is the breakdown:


PM – $5.06

KRFT – $6.16

MORL – $6.36


DIS – $0.16

PEP – $0.15

NKE – $0.04

WMT – $0.25

KRFT – $1.25

I’m expecting February to be lower than January but in March I should see a new personal best.

I’d also like to add that OptionsHouse has joined forces with TradeMonster.  Their ordering platform now looks different at their website and through their mobile app.  I honestly think I like the previous look and feel better which wasn’t the greatest to begin with.  Hopefully their trading platform will improve but with $4.95 trades I’ll continue to use OptionsHouse for my Roth.

Thanks for stopping by.


14 thoughts on “January 2015 Dividends

  1. A strong start to the new year giving how early you are in your journey. Those additions to the portfolio should pay off over the course of the rest of the year, so record highs will certainly be in your future. Little by little those Loyal3 amounts will add up. I know for me I am hoping to receive $300 or so just from that portfolio, which I consider my ‘side’ DG portfolio.

    Looking forward to seeing how your dividends grow over the course of this year!


    • I’m looking forward to what 2015 will bring. The dividends aren’t enough for me to live on right now, but it is encouraging to know this will grow as I get closer to retiring. I like Loyal3 and they just decreased the time it takes for purchases to go through. My unofficial goal with Loyal3 is to have a month of $10 dividends which would be enough to make a purchase just from using dividends.

      Best of luck and thanks for stopping by!


    • I added some XOM in February but should probably start looking at balancing out my portfolio. I’m still in building mode for my portfolio but I’ll need to start leveling out the sectors I’m invested in. Energy stocks are down some so I felt like it was worth grabbing some more this past month. Plus, XOM has 32 years of consecutive dividend growth so I feel comfortable going back to it when its down. Good luck investing and thanks for stopping by.


  2. Congrats on the dividend income, DD. Good time to load up on quality energy names in the current market. Those stocks will do you good over the years.

    Keep it up!


    • Hi R2R. Thanks for the encouragement. I picked some more XOM this past month. XOM has a 32 year dividend growth history and it is close to a 52-week low. Maybe I’m oversimplifying the investment but I felt comfortable with it.



    • Thanks! I’m gearing my focus on consistent dividend payers and companies with which I’m familiar (e.g., PG, XOM, KRFT, etc). Lately, I’ve been using the dividend aristocrat list as my starting point. Best of luck!


  3. DD,

    Just like me you’re also at the start of your dividend journey. As such, I think it’s great that you’re at $19 in passive income already!

    Currently I don’t own any of the stocks you’ve listed here, but I hope to change that soon when the Euro picks up in strength again. Until then I’m mostly focussing on European companies.

    Keep it up,


    • Good luck with the beginning of your journey. Seeing progress is very motivating. I’m projecting that my March dividends will be a new personal best. The great thing about investing in companies that consistently pay and grow dividends is that my monthly personal bests for dividend returns usually don’t last long.

      Best of luck!


  4. Congrats on another great month…can’t set records every month. But I would certainly settle for second best month each time. 🙂

    You’re doing great…keep plugging away and invest as much as you can. Best Wishes! AFFJ


    • Thanks for the encouragement. The good thing is I’ll see several personal records this year. I guess a better comparison I could use is comparing each month to the same month from a year prior. Barring any catastrophes, year after year my dividends should grow. Thanks for stopping by!


    • Hi DivGuy,

      I don’t think there’s really an advantage that I’m striving for by investing in KRFT in both my Roth and Loyal3 accounts. Preferably, I’d max out my Roth before even touching my Loyal3 account. However, I guess I like to throw small chunks of money in Loyal3 here and there and sometimes I’ll put it toward KRFT. So other than I like KRFT, there isn’t much of a reason why I own it in both brokerage accounts. Thanks for the question and thanks for stopping by.


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