February 2015 Dividend Update


The shortest month of the year is coming to a close which means it is time for another monthly update.  Before I jump into my summary of returns, I’d like to mention a few items.  First, Loyal3 has shortened the time it takes to execute purchases from your bank account.  Purchases now go through in ~2 business days.  Second, I’d like to say “Bienvenido!” to the latest blogger added to my blog list, “Dividendos y Trading”.  And finally, I’d like to thank all of you that visit the blog and post comments.  It is encouraging to hear from others and it truly helps me keep on track.

Now, let’s take a look at February’s dividends:



Symbol Dividend
HAS $0.45
SBUX $0.08

Roth IRA

Symbol Dividend
AAPL $3.32
PG $0.66
MORL $0.52
CLX $5.22
HCP $5.21

TOTAL:  $15.46
While this isn’t a monthly personal best, it is $15.35 more than I earned in February 2014.  Although I report on monthly returns, my focus at this point isn’t to have dividends equally distributed across each month.  Some months will be better than others based on when companies issue their dividends.  A better comparison is probably looking at annual totals as well as comparing each month to the same month a year prior.  However, it is always nice to see a monthly high when it arrives.  Luckily, I should see a new personal best in March.


I hope you all have another successful month and thank you for visiting.