Dear Dividend’s 1 Year Anniversary and May Update


I’m pleased to say that this blog hit its 1 year anniversary in May.  Looking back, my first post was on May 22nd, 2014.  I’d like to revisit the quote attributed to Warren Buffett in my first post:

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”
– Warren Buffet

This quote summarizes my ultimate goal of dividend investing which is to pass on investments to my children and grandchildren.

In the past year (plus about 2 weeks) this blog has had 3,304 visitors.  I’m thankful for all the visitors and those of you that post encouraging comments.  As I’ve stated in other posts, I consider this blog to be my dividend support group. I’m glad I stumbled upon dividend investing and the blog community.

Now for my May 2015 update.  May is a slow month but I managed to stay above $20 in dividends.  My funds available for investing have been limited so my increases have been crawling slowly.  I’ve thought about working a second, part-time job to increase my investing funds but I’m worried I’d be sacrificing priceless family time.  Anyway, on to my May dividends.


Symbol Dividend
GOOG $0.01
HAS $0.49
SBUX $0.08

Roth IRA

Symbol Dividend
CLX $5.25
AAPL $3.69
ATVI $0.23
PG $5.30
PG $0.68
MORL $0.95
HCP $5.28

TOTAL: $21.38

With May behind us, I’m really looking forward to my June returns.  I’m on track for a personal record in June.

Thanks for stopping by and happy investing!

– Dear Dividend