Kittens + Babies = Dividends


Kittens and babies might be considered some of the most adorable creatures on the planet.  Whether or not you agree with this statement, they have led me to what be one of my new favorite stocks.  It may seem strange but some of the stocks in my portfolio hold a small amount of emotional value in addition to their monetary value.  The particular stock I’m speaking of here is Nestle (NSRGY) which has been producing dividends since 1959.  When I hear our family’s cat crunching on Purina cat food or see a baby trying to gulp down some Gerber baby food, I feel comfort in knowing that I own a small piece of Nestle.  The other day, I arrived home from work and noticed that my wife had picked up some frozen pizzas.  Some were a brand called Jack’s and one was California Pizza Kitchen.  I looked at the back of the packages (a habit I’ve started since diving into investing) to see which company made the frozen pizzas.  It was a pleasant surprise to see they both were produced by Nestle.  I think my favorite stocks are consumer goods that are widespread and that my household personally uses.  For me, Nestle’s pervasiveness is similar to what I see in PG and JNJ.  So why I am rambling about Nestle this month?  I just received my first annual dividend from NSRGY in June.  Although they only pay an annual dividend, I have a feeling I’ll be adding more NSRGY to my portfolio over the years.


Now for my June 2015 dividends.

Symbol Dividend
INTC $0.09
WMT $0.32
UL $0.51
MSFT $0.47
MCD $3.39
K $0.95

Loyal3 Total: $5.73


Symbol Dividend
NSRGY $11.38
COP $7.38
XOM $21.98
CVX $10.86
JNJ $6.75
K $4.01
MCD $6.11
MORL $0.96
RDS.B $5.72

Roth IRA Total: $75.15


I’m happy to say that this is another personal record.  Unfortunately, it may be a while before I crack the $80+ mark.  The annual NSRGY dividend in June helped push me to a new record.  I’m still chasing the $100 mark as my next goal which may have to wait until 2016.

Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your investing.