Top Dividend Stocks at LOYAL3

I’ve been a fan of LOYAL3’s fee-free investing services for a while now. My first fee-free transaction at LOYAL3 was in October 2013 and I’ve been using them ever since as one of my investing tools. LOYAL3 has added several stock offerings since I first started and currently their list of companies stands at 67 available publicly traded companies. Out of those 67 companies, 43 of them offer dividends. 6 of the 43 companies that pay dividends are considered Dividend Champions (companies with 25+ years of dividend increases). Here is a list of all dividend-payers at LOYAL3:


Symbol Dividend Yield %
FTR 9.25
MAT 6.55
STOR 4.81
ANF 3.94
MCD 3.54
BUD 3.49
INTC 3.42
KO 3.26
K 3.04
UL 2.94
PEP 2.92
KSS 2.91
WWE 2.89
KHC 2.88
AEO 2.85
VIAB 2.84
BBY 2.83
TGT 2.79
MSFT 2.7
WMT 2.68
AMC 2.58
GPS 2.56
DPS 2.46
SC 2.45
LB 2.41
HSY 2.37
NOK 2.36
HAS 2.31
M 2.06
DNKN 1.97
YUM 1.89
VFC 1.72
AAPL 1.67
MDLZ 1.62
TWX 1.6
RL 1.58
SBUX 1.12
DIS 1.11
NKE 0.99
FOX 0.91
ATVI 0.88
PVH 0.13


Symbol Dividend Yield % Years of Dividend Increases
MCD 3.54 39
KO 3.26 53
PEP 2.92 43
TGT 2.79 48
WMT 2.68 42
VFC 1.72 42

You can see that LOYAL3 has some good choices for dividend investors that would like to avoid brokerage fees while having the ability to buy partial shares (starting at $10 minimum). I hope to see LOYAL3 add some more Dividend Champions like JNJ or PG but for now they have enough options to keep me satisfied.

Note: Dividend yields retrieved from and Dividend Champion data retrieved from

5 thoughts on “Top Dividend Stocks at LOYAL3

  1. I discovered L3 back in April and haven’t looked back. I’ve purchased shares of DIS, SBUX, and HSY. 50 dollars here, 100 dollars there…. I love it knowing that these purchases are all FEE FREE. With being a long term investor, the batch trading doesn’t bother me. So far my trades haven’t been off by more than a few cents from the time I clicked “invest.”
    Agreed, if L3 can reel in a few more big dogs like PG, JNJ, and COST, this would be awesome!!!!


    • DIS and SBUX have been some winners. I do the same thing with a small purchase here and there. I’m not worried about the timing but L3 executes purchases faster than they did when I first started. Also, they have added a feature where you can track performance. I’m glad to see them adding companies and features and hope to see more soon.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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  3. Looks like you own almost every stock they offer. It’s been a while since I was on their site and was impressed to see many new names that have been introduced. Keep building that dividend income one brick at a time. Thanks for sharing you L3 holdings.


    • LOYAL3 added a lot even though some of the companies are ones that are smaller or I’m not interested in. I’m still glad to see they’re growing. I keep making small purchases periodically and it is slowly growing.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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