July 2015 Dividends

My July dividends are in and to my surprise they fell under $20.  It is really due to a technicality due to the KHC (Kraft Heinz) dividend changes.  Although the payout was scheduled for 7/31, for some reason OptionsHouse recorded it on 8/1/15 while Loyal3 still captured it on 7/31. I track my dividends on when they show up in my accounts so I’ll keep the OptionsHouse KHC dividend in August.  Not a big deal really.  I’m splitting hairs if I start worrying if a dividend lands on 7/31 or 8/1.  While it would have been nice to keep my monthly dividends above $20, in the end I’m really looking at my annual returns as a better gauge of my progress.  My July dividends totaled $15.71.  As a comparison, in July 2014 I had $11.91 in dividends.

Here’s my July 2015 dividends breakdown:

Symbol Dividend
PEP $0.30
NKE $0.04
KO $2.10
DIS $0.16
KHC $1.27
ROTH IRA (OptionsHouse)
Symbol Dividend
PM $5.19
MORL $6.65