July 2015 Dividends

My July dividends are in and to my surprise they fell under $20.  It is really due to a technicality due to the KHC (Kraft Heinz) dividend changes.  Although the payout was scheduled for 7/31, for some reason OptionsHouse recorded it on 8/1/15 while Loyal3 still captured it on 7/31. I track my dividends on when they show up in my accounts so I’ll keep the OptionsHouse KHC dividend in August.  Not a big deal really.  I’m splitting hairs if I start worrying if a dividend lands on 7/31 or 8/1.  While it would have been nice to keep my monthly dividends above $20, in the end I’m really looking at my annual returns as a better gauge of my progress.  My July dividends totaled $15.71.  As a comparison, in July 2014 I had $11.91 in dividends.

Here’s my July 2015 dividends breakdown:

Symbol Dividend
PEP $0.30
NKE $0.04
KO $2.10
DIS $0.16
KHC $1.27
ROTH IRA (OptionsHouse)
Symbol Dividend
PM $5.19
MORL $6.65

16 thoughts on “July 2015 Dividends

  1. I know you had probably hoped to reach the $20 mark but, on the bright side, it sounds like your income report for next month will reflect the difference.

    Keep buying quality stock each month and you should continue to see continued growth in our passive income stream. Best wishes and continued success! AFFJ


    • It was a little disappointing but I’m still happy to receive the KHC dividend. Your dividend income is impressive. Keep it going. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the encouragement.


  2. My KHC dividend was paid on the July 31st in my brokerage. Kinda weird that it carried over to the next day. That’s really a minor detail but most annoying when your tallying up your monthly totals and expecting that payment. Keep on truckin!


  3. 15 bucks in dividends is more than most people see in their lifetime. But I’m sure you will keep at it, and that number will go up. I also hold KO and DIS in Loyal3. Not too much, though. Eventually I would like to increase it. DIS just never seems cheap…


    • $15 isn’t bad considering less than two years ago I had $0 in dividends. I like Loyal3 and DIS has been on fire. I just never put much towards DIS because of the low dividend but it has done quite well.


  4. Hey DD,

    Every start is difficult. As a matter of fact, I’ve had 3 months <$20 since I started this journey, about a year ago.
    Let's keep investing in quality companies and we should do just fine. Good luck on your goals.

    Thanks to the special dividend of KRFT, your August should go sky high!

    Best wishes, DfS


  5. I think you’re making good progress, it does take a bit of time to build up a solid dividend income. When you buy a dividend stock, you don’t right away get the dividend so you have to wait a little bit.


  6. Solid names for the month all paying you. What’s not to like about that even if it’s 7/31 or 8/1. Keep your eye on the long term prize and in a few years your dividend snowball will really start to take hold. That special dividend was also a nice addition for the month. Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks for the encouragement. You’re right about the KRFT special dividend. I just didn’t record it as part of my monthly totals since it isn’t a recurring payout. I’ll keep plugging away and look forward to the dividend snowball growing.


    • Hi DC,

      I’ve been dividend investing for less than two years. My progress is slower than I would like due my financial obligations. I’m working towards freeing up more of my income to devote towards investing. Unfortunately, it has been a slow process so far.

      Good luck and thanks for stopping by.


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