September 2015 Dividends


September has passed as we enter one of my favorite times of the year.  The season of Fall has started and along with it come many great holidays and traditions.  American football is under way which provides some mindless entertainment for me to enjoy occasionally.  Also, a barrage of holidays is approaching to enjoy with the family: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s eve/day.  While I look forward to the upcoming holidays, I also look forward to watching dividends trickle in.  September is one of my better months of dividends so I’m extra pleased to share my results.  Let’s take a look.

Symbol Dividend
INTC $0.09
WMT $0.42
UL $0.52
MSFT $0.47
K $0.97
MCD $3.70
PEP $0.30

Symbol Dividend
COP $7.57
JNJ $6.80
XOM $22.17
CVX $10.98
K $4.13
MCD $6.17
MORL $0.44
RDS.B $8.54

TOTAL = $73.27

Last year in September I brought in just less than $14 in dividends so my September 2015 dividends are nearly $60 higher than a year ago.  Progress continues.