November 2015 Dividends

As I posted last month my life has been very busy.  It seems even finding time once a month to review my dividends and post to this blog has become a challenge.  Nonetheless, the dividends keep arriving.  My November 2015 dividends ($30.53) nearly doubled my dividends from November 2014 ($15.74).  While I’m glad to see the improvement since last year, I’m really looking forward to December 2015 which is looking like it will be my second best dividend month since I started investing in dividends.

Here’s the breakdown of my November 2015 dividends:

Symbol Dividend
HAS $0.46
KHC $1.32
SBUX $0.10
Symbol Dividend
APPL $3.72
PG $0.69
CLX $5.54
PG $5.39
KHC $6.58
MORL $1.29
HCP $5.44

TOTAL: $30.53

6 thoughts on “November 2015 Dividends

  1. That’s one of the great things about DGI! If you’ve invested in excellent companies then whether you can track them or not the dividend checks keep rolling in! A double in dividends in a year is great! Keep up the good work!


    • My monthly dividends are still smaller than I would like but it is better than $0.00. I’ve focused on mostly dividend stocks with ~3% yield or higher. However, SBUX, NKE, and DIS have been taking off. Sometimes wish I would have grabbed more of those stocks.


  2. Always nice to see your dividend income grow year over year. Especially when it can double. Keep sticking to those solid names and forget about those crazy high yield stocks. Too often investors get burned. Nice to see we share quite a few names for the month as well. Look forward to seeing a solid 2015 close out.


    • It is good to see it growing. I can never seem to invest as much as I would like. Part of it is a result of raising a family but I’ll admit I’m constantly working on my spending discipline. It is a battle sometimes. Thanks for stopping by.


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