January 2016 Dividends



January flew by quickly but it is time to report my monthly dividends again.  January was mostly a quiet month but I did add some more RDS.B to my portfolio.  Energy stocks have taken a beating so I grabbed some while it was down.

Here’s my January 2016 dividends:

Symbol Dividend
WMT $1.42
NKE $0.04
PEP $0.30
DIS $0.17
KHC $1.32
Symbol Dividend
MORL $6.84
PM $5.42
KHC $6.63

TOTAL: $22.14




6 thoughts on “January 2016 Dividends

  1. Oh yeah! Our favorite posts to write and read. Dividends rolling in, in any amount, is something to be happy about. Nice group of names paying you, many of which I like, own and can get behind. Just one, MORL is something I would not touch. Thanks for sharing.


  2. $22.14 Way to go! That’s at least $22.14 for the rest of your life!

    What’s your portfolio value at? I’m bringing in about $10 a month at a portfolio value of $4,000.


    • I don’t post my portfolio value for now although it could probably be determined from my dividend postings. $10 month is a great start. My investing has slowed down but I’ve consistently been making small purchases for almost two years.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Thanks for sharing. January was relatively slow for me as well, with dividends and new buys. Good job on picking up some energy stock while they’re beaten down. I’m pretty sure we will have some terrific chances to buy big oil at discount prices for the foreseeable future. I’m hoping it pays off big in the future.


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