March 2016 Dividends – A New Record


My monthly dividend update for March sets a new personal record.  I really enjoy adding up my dividends each month and watching the numbers grow.  While March was a record, it could have been better if COP hadn’t reduced its dividend.  I understand nothing is guaranteed and I knew COP had some risk when I bought it because it didn’t have a long dividend track record like JNJ or KO.  Other than the COP dividend cut, I’m pleased with my March dividends.

LOYAL3 Account

INTC $0.10

UL $1.37

K $0.97

MSFT $0.55

MCD $3.87

PEP $0.30

Roth IRA

COP $2.63

CVX $11.27

JNJ $6.91

XOM $22.60

K $4.19

MCD $6.56

MORL $0.37

RDS.B $19.82

TOTAL $81.51

This beats my previous personal best from June 2015 which was $80.88.