May 2016 Dividends

Well, I just passed my two year anniversary and now it’s time to post my May 2016 dividends.  In May, I came in at $24.06 in dividends which is a small increase over May 2015.  Here’s the breakdown:

Symbol Dividend
AAPL $0.06
HAS $0.54
SBUX $0.10
Symbol Dividend
CLX $5.61
ATVI $0.26
AAPL $4.12
PG $6.25
MORL $1.39
HCP $5.73

TOTAL: $24.06

6 thoughts on “May 2016 Dividends

  1. Wow… good for you on your two year anniversary. Time sure goes by fast doesn’t it.? Of course, with each passing month we get to highlight our passive income earned. As usual it’s nice seeing a lot of great names paying you for the month. Of course, MORL is not really my cup of tea. Can’t believe we are coming to the half way point of 2016 already. Thanks for sharing.


    • I’m just glad I’ve stuck with it for two years. Adding up my dividends each month is enjoyable so it makes it easy. If I could have one do over I’d probably do over my MORL buy. I’m stuck with it now so I’ll ride that purchase out.


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