June 2016 Dividends – Another Personal Record

It’s time for my monthly dividend update and I’m happy to report that I hit another personal best.  June is a month when a lot of companies pay out dividends.  With $91.94 in dividends, I came close to hitting the $100 mark.  In fact, I thought I would cross $100 in June but NSRGY paid out in late May instead of early June like I anticipated.  Here’s a breakdown of my June dividends.

Symbol Dividend
INTC $0.10
WMT $1.53
MSFT $0.55
UL $1.52
K $0.97
MCD $3.87
PEP $0.32
Symbol Dividend
COP $2.65
CVX $11.40
JNJ $7.42
XOM $23.43
K $4.21
MORL $0.35
MCD $6.61
VLO $6.00
RDS $21.01

TOTAL: $91.94