June 2016 Dividends – Another Personal Record

It’s time for my monthly dividend update and I’m happy to report that I hit another personal best.  June is a month when a lot of companies pay out dividends.  With $91.94 in dividends, I came close to hitting the $100 mark.  In fact, I thought I would cross $100 in June but NSRGY paid out in late May instead of early June like I anticipated.  Here’s a breakdown of my June dividends.

Symbol Dividend
INTC $0.10
WMT $1.53
MSFT $0.55
UL $1.52
K $0.97
MCD $3.87
PEP $0.32
Symbol Dividend
COP $2.65
CVX $11.40
JNJ $7.42
XOM $23.43
K $4.21
MORL $0.35
MCD $6.61
VLO $6.00
RDS $21.01

TOTAL: $91.94

6 thoughts on “June 2016 Dividends – Another Personal Record

  1. Great results for the month of June. A lot of our fellow DGI bloggers have been hitting record figures for the month of June. Congrats on getting paid by many solid companies too. Before you know it you’ll be averaging $100 a month and more. Keep up the good work.


  2. Let the god times and personal records keep on rolling. Congrats on the new recorded Dead Dividend! BOOM. The best part is that this is going to be one of many more records as you continue to grow your portfolio and dividend income.




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