This is a written account of my income building adventure.  I’m starting with basically nothing in terms of investments and I’m also starting later than I should be in life.  I can’t turn back time but I can influence my future.  Ideally, I could someday significantly impact my income with passive dividend income.  Another goal of mine is to pass on dividend investing practices to my children and future generations of my family.  Perhaps I can plant the seeds that will allow my grandchildren to live comfortably on dividend income.

If you’re a fellow blogger, feel free to add my blog to your blogroll.  Thanks.

Note:  I’m not an investing expert but find it to be an interesting topic.  I have a lot to learn so feel free to share ideas with me.

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  1. Better late than never Dear Dividend. Congrats on getting started with dividend growth investing. I like your goal of passing on this type of investment strategy to your children and future generations. That’s awesome man. Even though I started investing in dividend growth stocks fairly early, I know I would be so much farther ahead if I had learned about this strategy when I was a teen making money from mowing lawns. That dividend income adds up quickly.

    I look forward to following you on your dividend investing journey and thank you for adding me to your blog roll, I appreciate the support.

    Best wishes,


    • Thanks for following and I look forward to your results at your blog. I don’t know if I’ll ever make it to being a millionaire because I’m starting late so really my goal is for my kids and grandchildren (if I have any). I’ve already made an investing mistake that I will pass on as a lesson to my kids. I had 10-20 shares of Amazon many years ago when it was around $15-$20. I think I sold it around $30-$40. Today it is over $300 per share. If I would have followed the buy and hold strategy I’d have a pretty good return. A hard lesson learned.



      • Dear DearDiv,
        I’ve made a few of those kinds of mistakes (your Amazon sell) like selling Apple at $68. I did make money on that trade. The real mistake was that I had a trading mindset instead of a long-term mindset. To trade successfully you really need to work at it full time, which doesn’t gel with many of us dividend investors because we want to not work at all! Best of luck with your portfolio and blog.


      • Thanks for sharing your experience. My approach is much different than it was when I bought AMZN. AMZN doesn’t even pay a dividend so it doesn’t make it past my first filter. My hope is that the stocks I buy are around for my children and potential grandchildren.

        Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Hello. I love all these personal dividend blogs coming out. I’m in the military and have been trying to help military families with their finances. I was hoping we can exchange links to help each other gain exposure with out blogs. Please let me know if you’re interested.


  3. The thing I appreciate most about your blog is that you took the first step – you started! Best of luck on your passive income journey. I’ll add you to my blogroll shortly… Look forward to following your progress.


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