Bite of Apple

I tend to buy stocks in companies that I patronize because I figure if I’m spending money on a company’s products or services then I ought to see something in return financially.  One stock where I’m bending this rule a little is with Apple (AAPL).  While my household has an Apple product or two, I’m not an Apple loyalist and really don’t consider myself an Apple customer.  However, it is difficult to ignore the success of Apple’s stock and I know many people that are entwined into the Apple devices’ ecosystem.  Also, with the upcoming 7:1 stock split, I made an impulse buy on 1 share of AAPL.  For me, that is a rather large stock purchase because I have a limited investing budget.  Also, the dividend yield is currently just above 2% which isn’t jaw-dropping but combined with the stock’s return I hope this pays off.  It will be interesting to see what happens after the split.