My Fight With Frugality: A Story of Weakness



On the inside, I strive to be frugal but many times I succumb to a moment of weakness.  I try to reach MrMoneyMoustache levels of frugality but often fall short.


My latest temptation came at a dinner gathering for work. I had several options of frugality from which to choose:

A) Extreme Frugal: Pack a PB&J and bring a canteen

B) Reasonably Frugal: Order a cheap menu item and order a water

C) Un-Frugal: Order an average item with dessert

D) Punch Frugality in the Throat: Order apps, multiple drinks, desserts and an expensive menu item


I walked into the restaurant aiming for Option B but ending up being Un-Frugal with Option C.  I guess I still need to hone my frugality skills so I can save more money for investing.  My goal is to learn and move forward and try not to give in so easily to temptation.

Save Money with Family Fun


Summer is here and my kids are out of school.  Finding affordable, old-fashioned family entertainment may seem challenging in an era of video games, mobile devices, and wallet-draining theme parks.  I can honestly say the most fun I had with my family last week involved a deck of playing cards.  Even my teenager had fun with his parents and younger siblings.  The added bonus of all of this was the entire evening was free.  Free = saving money = more money to invest and save.  It was satisfying to have the quality time, interaction, and laughs as an entire family which is priceless.  In fact, our kids begged my wife and I to play cards again the next evening.  The only investment is a deck of playing cards.