My Fight With Frugality: A Story of Weakness



On the inside, I strive to be frugal but many times I succumb to a moment of weakness.  I try to reach MrMoneyMoustache levels of frugality but often fall short.


My latest temptation came at a dinner gathering for work. I had several options of frugality from which to choose:

A) Extreme Frugal: Pack a PB&J and bring a canteen

B) Reasonably Frugal: Order a cheap menu item and order a water

C) Un-Frugal: Order an average item with dessert

D) Punch Frugality in the Throat: Order apps, multiple drinks, desserts and an expensive menu item


I walked into the restaurant aiming for Option B but ending up being Un-Frugal with Option C.  I guess I still need to hone my frugality skills so I can save more money for investing.  My goal is to learn and move forward and try not to give in so easily to temptation.