Add a Tool to the Tool Bag


The internet is full of resources to help build a dividend portfolio.  One tool that I’m finding to be useful for a quick snapshot of a stock’s current dividend yield and its 5-year average is  By searching a stock by its symbol and then clicking the “Valuation” tab for that stock, you can find a summary of its current dividend yield, P/E ratio, and other data points compared to their respective 5-year averages, the S&P 500 average, and industry average.  This isn’t the only tool to use, but I find it convenient, useful, and best of all…free.

I do have one concern but it isn’t directed at Morningstar specifically.  I’ve noticed a lot of variation among various investing sites when it comes to listing a stock’s current yield, P/E ratio, etc.  That is why I’ll check multiple sources for reference.