Hungry for Dividends? How about some McDonald’s?

My hunger for dividends continues to grow so I decided to make a tiny buy of McDonald’s (MCD) with LOYAL3.  I really like being able to periodically buy $10-$20 of a company’s stock without having to pay a commission.  Hopefully, LOYAL3 will come up with a Roth IRA option someday.

Now, back to MCD.  I’ve been overlooking their stock because I don’t eat a lot of fast-food but I will occasionally make a stop at McDonald’s.  What I didn’t realize is how successful their dividend-paying stock has been.  Using a common sense approach I guess it shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering their worldwide footprint.  According to their website, McDonald’s is in more than 100 countries which is quite impressive considering there is a food product that is so popular on a global scale.

I did a quick review of MCD’s stock info on their company website and found a couple of tidbits that caught my eye.  As of the date of this posting, MCD has increased its dividend every year since 1976 and has split 12 times since 1965.  This sounds like a fairly safe bet with a history of growth.  I can’t wait for the first dividend to show up in June.  It will be quite small because I made a small buy but it will be a dividend payment nonetheless.

I plugged in “MCD” at and a $10K investment 10 years ago would be worth $53K+ today.  Not a bad investment in my opinion.


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