February 2015 Dividend Update


The shortest month of the year is coming to a close which means it is time for another monthly update.  Before I jump into my summary of returns, I’d like to mention a few items.  First, Loyal3 has shortened the time it takes to execute purchases from your bank account.  Purchases now go through in ~2 business days.  Second, I’d like to say “Bienvenido!” to the latest blogger added to my blog list, “Dividendos y Trading”.  And finally, I’d like to thank all of you that visit the blog and post comments.  It is encouraging to hear from others and it truly helps me keep on track.

Now, let’s take a look at February’s dividends:



Symbol Dividend
HAS $0.45
SBUX $0.08

Roth IRA

Symbol Dividend
AAPL $3.32
PG $0.66
MORL $0.52
CLX $5.22
HCP $5.21

TOTAL:  $15.46
While this isn’t a monthly personal best, it is $15.35 more than I earned in February 2014.  Although I report on monthly returns, my focus at this point isn’t to have dividends equally distributed across each month.  Some months will be better than others based on when companies issue their dividends.  A better comparison is probably looking at annual totals as well as comparing each month to the same month a year prior.  However, it is always nice to see a monthly high when it arrives.  Luckily, I should see a new personal best in March.


I hope you all have another successful month and thank you for visiting.





January 2015 Dividends

It is hard to believe that the first month of 2015 is already in the rear view mirror.  Life has been moving so fast lately that I wish I could slow it down some times.  Between work and keeping up with my kids’ activities, my weeks go by in a flash.  So now I’m awake on an early Saturday morning while the rest of my family continues to sleep in.  About the only time I can find to update the blog is early morning on a weekend while everyone in my house is sleeping.  It is peaceful and quiet right now so let me get my January update to you.

I started the year by adding some stocks to my Roth IRA.  With some dips in oil stock prices, I grabbed some RDS.B, COP, and more CVX.  I was originally leaning to just adding more to my existing CVX and XOM holdings but decided to spread out my purchases among multiple energy companies.  I guess it is a little bit like diversification within one sector.  All are decent dividend payers currently and hopefully will be for years to come.

My January 2015 dividend returns are in and while it wasn’t a personal best, it is my second highest month of returns since I jumped into dividend investing last year.  My returns for January add up to $19.43.

Here is the breakdown:


PM – $5.06

KRFT – $6.16

MORL – $6.36


DIS – $0.16

PEP – $0.15

NKE – $0.04

WMT – $0.25

KRFT – $1.25

I’m expecting February to be lower than January but in March I should see a new personal best.

I’d also like to add that OptionsHouse has joined forces with TradeMonster.  Their ordering platform now looks different at their website and through their mobile app.  I honestly think I like the previous look and feel better which wasn’t the greatest to begin with.  Hopefully their trading platform will improve but with $4.95 trades I’ll continue to use OptionsHouse for my Roth.

Thanks for stopping by.


2014 Review with November and December Dividends


2014 is over so it is time to take a look at my first (partial) year of dividend investing.  Before I jump into my 2014 totals, I’d like to point out my November and December returns.  In November, I received $15.74 in dividends.  November didn’t set any personal bests but December did.  In December, I received $26.00 in dividends which surpassed my previous best month of $17.85 in October.

Here is a table of my December dividends:


Date Symbol Dividend Date Symbol Dividend
12/2/2014 SBUX $0.04 12/15/2014 K $3.95
12/3/2014 INTC $0.09 12/22/2014 MORL $0.88
12/17/2014 MCD $2.94 12/10/2014 CVX $5.35
12/17/2014 K $0.80 12/10/2014 XOM $4.83
12/15/2014 MSFT $0.32 12/15/2014 MCD $6.00
12/12/2014 UL $0.50
12/17/2014 KO $0.30
SUB $4.99 SUB $21.01
TOTAL $26.00


Next up, let’s take a look at my overall 2014 dividends by month.


Month 2014 Dividends
Jan $0.12
Feb $0.11
Mar $0.15
Apr $0.03
May $1.01
Jun $0.76
Jul $11.91
Aug $9.45
Sep $13.96
Oct $17.85
Nov $15.74
Dec $26.00
TOTAL $97.09

In 2014 I came close to reaching $100 for the year.  I really didn’t start dividend investing until around May in 2014 so it took a while for the dividends to start coming in.  I plan on seeing an increase this year and look forward to 2015.  If my projections are right, I should pass $200 in annual dividends in 2015 even if I don’t invest another penny.  However, I do plan on investing more so $200 should be easy to beat.  Once I make some more purchases, I hope to see a few months of over $30 in dividends.

For 2015, I’m already gearing up to purchase more stock for my Roth IRA using OptionsHouse.  I’m currently leaning towards picking up RDS.B, more CVX, and possibly GIS this month.  I have more research to do however but should hopefully be making some buys in a week or so.

I hope you all have a successful 2015 and thanks for stopping by.

October 2014 Dividends – New Record

I’m happy to write that I surpassed last month’s personal dividend record with my October returns.  In October I received $17.85 in dividends.  I hope to see dividends in the $20’s soon but that might not happen until 2015 at my current rate.  That said, here is October’s breakdown:


– PM = $5.00

– MORL = $6.27

– KRFT = $6.10


– PEP = $0.15

– KO = $0.30

– NKE = $0.03

On a side note, it appears that KRFT automatically reinvests dividends at Loyal3.  Since Loyal3 is delayed with its dividends, my Loyal3 KRFT dividends showed up in November.  Most dividends at Loyal3 aren’t automatically reinvested so I was surprised to see it happen with KRFT.

Good luck to you all with your investing and thanks for stopping by!

September Dividends – Another Record

 I know I’m behind on my blog but I’m determined to keep recording my progress. My funds available for investing are limited with the cut in pay I took with the new job but I’m still chipping away at dividend investing. In September, I reached a new record of $13.96 and October is shaping up to be another personal record as well…more to follow. Here is the breakdown of my September dividends:



INTC      $0.09

WMT     $0.19

UL          $0.34

MSFT     $0.29

K             $0.80

MCD      $2.19



K             $3.92

MORL    $0.47

MCD      $5.67

Kraft (KRFT) at Loyal3 and August Dividends

For those of you using Loyal3, you may be happy to hear that they’ve added Kraft Foods (KRFT) as an available stock.  I like KRFT so it is nice to see Loyal3 is making an effort to add some additional appealing companies.


My August dividends are in and they came in at $9.45.  This is down from July but I’m expecting a decent September which I’ll gladly post about.  Also, I’m about ready to complete my Roth IRA purchases for 2014.  This will meet one of my goals so I’m excited to achieve it soon.  I’m thinking of adding XOM and CVX to my portfolio to complete my 2014 Roth contributions.


I hope you are all doing well with your investing and life in general.  Thanks for stopping by!




Made it Home!


I returned home from my former overseas job two weeks ago and I have to say I’ve found a renewed appreciation for life in the U.S. and with my family.  I’m now working a standard 40-hour week with weekends off.  While overseas, I’d typically work 6 days a week ranging from 60-80 hours.  Although 40 hours is a far cry from the retirement schedule, it is an improvement from my last work schedule.

Since I’ve returned I’ve been busy with family, my new job, and catching up with work on our house.  Once life settles down a bit and I have a routine established I should be able to focus more time on my blog again.  For now, I just wanted to pop in with an update.

On the investing side I added PM and CLX to my Roth IRA.  I’m getting closer to maxing out my Roth which is one of my goals.  Also, I’ve had an opportunity to play with the OptionsHouse app for Android-based smartphones and so far it is fairly decent.  I even used their app for my CLX purchase.  I promise, I’ll provide an OH review in the future once I feel like I’ve had enough experience with their services to provide an objective review.  So far, I’m pleased with what I’m getting from OH for $4.75/trade.  I’m also occasionally making smaller buys using my LOYAL3 account.

Until next time…