October 2014 Dividends – New Record

I’m happy to write that I surpassed last month’s personal dividend record with my October returns.  In October I received $17.85 in dividends.  I hope to see dividends in the $20’s soon but that might not happen until 2015 at my current rate.  That said, here is October’s breakdown:


– PM = $5.00

– MORL = $6.27

– KRFT = $6.10


– PEP = $0.15

– KO = $0.30

– NKE = $0.03

On a side note, it appears that KRFT automatically reinvests dividends at Loyal3.  Since Loyal3 is delayed with its dividends, my Loyal3 KRFT dividends showed up in November.  Most dividends at Loyal3 aren’t automatically reinvested so I was surprised to see it happen with KRFT.

Good luck to you all with your investing and thanks for stopping by!

11 thoughts on “October 2014 Dividends – New Record

  1. Thanks for sharing your recent update with us. Knocking on $20 is a nice number. The way I looked at my dividends in the early months was just saying to myself, “what can this month in divs buy me?” $20 is two or more free lunches for a month. Before you know it, your divs will buy you a month of lunch, then a month of all meals, then, cel bill, then electricity, etc. etc. Keep building.


    • I hope to break $20 in month soon but it probably wont’ happen until 2015. I like the idea of comparing monthly dividends to personal expenses. It adds another motivational factor and small victories.


    • Thanks! I have to say Loyal3 really helped me get back into investing. When funds are tight, I’ve always seemed to put off investing because I’d have to put enough money together to cover the costs of a stock plus commission fees. Now I can easily make a smaller purchase whenever I feel like it.


  2. DD,
    You have made some solid progress. I bet you will brake the $20 mark in no time. I recently made a bunch of L3 purchases last week. Like you I have been focusing on quality companies at L3. KRFT seems like a fair valued invested and I like how the dividends get dripped. Keep it up and I look forward to reading future updates.


    • DM,

      I just updated my spreadsheet I use for tracking dividends and realized I didn’t add my recent CVX and XOM purchases to my Dec 2014 dividend projections. Now that I’ve updated it, I see that I should break $20 in Dec. I’ll have to set some new goals in 2015.

      Thanks for stopping by.



    • Hi Mr. CC,

      I didn’t break the $20 mark in November but I did in December. I hope to have my dividend updates for November, December, and 2015’s totals soon.

      Thanks for stopping by!



  3. Hi DD,

    We have KO, NKE, XOM and CVX in common….and the same love for growing dividend.
    I see more and more bloggers talk about loyal3. How was your experience with them so far?
    I heard that they stopped the option to use credit cards…and it seems that orders are filled with a certain delay….
    I would appreciate your opinion on this.



    • Hi LTI,

      I like Loyal3 and use them for smaller purchases. I like that you can buy in small increments such as $10, $25, etc. Yes, there is a delay with buying/selling through them which is part of the deal of not having to buy full shares and not paying brokerage fees. Also, I don’t think you can use credit cards any more but that doesn’t bother me. I know some people were using Loyal3 to build up credit card rewards while it was available. Overall, I like Loyal3 for what it is and will continue to use them.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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