March 2016 Dividends – A New Record


My monthly dividend update for March sets a new personal record.  I really enjoy adding up my dividends each month and watching the numbers grow.  While March was a record, it could have been better if COP hadn’t reduced its dividend.  I understand nothing is guaranteed and I knew COP had some risk when I bought it because it didn’t have a long dividend track record like JNJ or KO.  Other than the COP dividend cut, I’m pleased with my March dividends.

LOYAL3 Account

INTC $0.10

UL $1.37

K $0.97

MSFT $0.55

MCD $3.87

PEP $0.30

Roth IRA

COP $2.63

CVX $11.27

JNJ $6.91

XOM $22.60

K $4.19

MCD $6.56

MORL $0.37

RDS.B $19.82

TOTAL $81.51

This beats my previous personal best from June 2015 which was $80.88.

12 thoughts on “March 2016 Dividends – A New Record

  1. $81 bucks is nothing to sneeze at, especially when you have to do nothing to earn it. Other people are bringing in the revenue, and you’re benefiting.


  2. Great job with your passive income. Beating a record is always nice. Onward and upward. You are definitely headed in the right direction with many great companies paying (though some are not for me 🙂 ). Thanks for sharing.


    • It is great to hit a new milestone even though I haven’t been able to invest as much lately. I have a few companies / stocks that I somewhat regret but I consider them lessons learned for the future.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Awesome!! That’s a good feeling to have, as you keep seeing more and more income piling in. I finally crossed the $100 threshold in March and loved seeing it go over that mark. It made it feel more real to me for some reason.


  4. Your XOM seems to be working out for you. As everyone runs around worrying about oil prices, you’re picking up their dividends. Well done and nice way to stay on top of all the oil and gas worries.

    I hit $70.14 last month with all my extra circular activities. Nice to see you so close to $100. Keep it up!


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